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The Squad

We’re creative artists, wedding lovers, and awkward dancers.

We believe you shouldn’t have “average wedding vendors“ on your wedding day. We believe you should have the absolute best - something Uncommon.

A man in a red jacket smiling for the camera.

Mango lover and running enthusiast

– Sway Garcia, Director of dreams

What makes you Uncommon?

    “I only eat fruit until noon
     every single day. “

Matcha lover and fashion enthusiast

– Hoa Huynh, Production Coordinator

What makes you Uncommon?

   “I prefer rapping over singing
    at karaoke parties.”

A woman holding a cup of coffee and wearing headphones.
A man holding a camera with some wires attached to it.

Cocktail lover and film enthusiast

– Sean Ayres, Lead Storyteller

What makes you Uncommon?

     “I make the meanest of chilies.”

Now that you've got to know us a little, let us learn more about you.