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Find out why 100s of Northern California couples have chosen to preserve their wedding day with us.

Couples hire us because of our simplistic approach. Our videos are natural, candid, and relaxed.

Take a peek for yourself!

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4-Minute Highlight Videos

Get ready to grab your tissues and prepare for an emotional rollercoaster! This video will be like a magical mini time capsule that’ll transport you back to the moment you said those two precious words: “I Do.” We’ll work our editing wizardry to condense a whopping 8+ hours of coverage into a heartwarming and action-packed 4 minutes. We’ll sprinkle in those delightful audio clips from the ceremony and speeches, weaving together a sweet love story that will make your heart melt like a tub of butter on a hot summer day. This is the video to share with your loved ones, as they’ll get an exclusive sneak peek into the magical wonderland that was your special day. Get those popcorn bowls ready and prepare for an emotional journey that’ll leave you reaching for the tissues and saying, “Pass me the popcorn, I need to watch that again!”

Ceremony Coverage Videos

Prepare yourselves for the ultimate wedding déjà vu experience! Get ready to relive your ceremony like you’ve magically transformed into a guest in attendance. Even Aunt Mildred who couldn’t make it will feel like she’s right there in the front row, soaking up every bit of that sappy “love story” goodness. This video will showcase your entire ceremony from start to finish. It’ll be a 3 camera setup that’ll capture all those tiny details and priceless audience reactions. We’ll also sync up the audio from our fancy lapel mics with the sound recording straight from your DJ’s sound system. Why settle for anything less than the best audio quality possible? So get ready to grab the popcorn, sit back, and be a guest at your own wedding, minus the awkward small talk and questionable dance moves. It’s a front-row seat to relive the magic, all in the comfort of your own living room.

Reception Coverage Videos

This video is a ticket to a laugh-filled journey through the highlight reel of your reception. We’ll capture all the shenanigans, from the bouquet and garter toss (prepare for some acrobatics!) to the cake cutting (smash it or savor it, the choice is yours). And of course, we can’t miss those epic social dancing shots that showcase your friends and family busting moves you didn’t even know they had. Brace yourselves because this video is like a rollercoaster ride of emotions and ridiculousness, usually clocking in at a tantalizing 30 to 60 minutes. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and get ready for a reception recap that’ll have you saying, “Did we really do all that? We’re legends!”

Instagram Reel Videos

Get ready to amp up your ‘gram game with a fun-filled extravaganza. We’re talking about taking all your best shots from the day and whipping them into shape like a master chef on a cooking show. We’ll sprinkle in some creative styling that’ll make your friends say, “How did they do that?!” And guess what? This video is specially crafted to fit those oh-so-important Instagram Reel dimensions. So get those thumbs ready, prepare for some double-tapping action, and let the sharing frenzy begin! Your squad will be shouting, “Best. Reel. Ever!”.

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